Saturday, April 18, 2009

Its raining!


dearest biskut meri and friends..

lets talk about rain~ hee

Its raining
Its pouring
The old man is snoring..
He went to bed, and bumped his head
And couldn’t get up in the morning

[nursery rhymes]

-I like to sing this song when I was little. :)
why.. why all become so lazy and sleepy when its raining huh?

Its raining now. I just love when its raining. Its so romantic. Don’t you think so? Its like when I listen to the sound of the raindrops it can just wash away all the pain. Like listening to a beautiful song. Chewah. Anyway, rain is indeed one of Allah’s greatest blessings in life. It’s a symbol of growth. And fertilization. It is very very important to all living things as mentioned by Allah in various verses from the Quran,

"And We send down from the sky rain charted with blessing, and
We produce therewith gardens and Grain for harvests"


Hadnt we noticed? all those beautiful gardens, trees and flowers grow beautifully from the same water given by Allah. and from that we get our food and drinks. this is definitely the signs of Allah's love to us. Alhamdulillah.. Thank you Allah! :D

So do you like rain? I wonder why there are people who don’t like rain. how anyone could get unhappy over such a beautiful blessing from Allah? Rain is a miracle, mercy by Allah, for us. Subhanallah.. Allah has said that,

“He it is Who sends down water (rain) from the sky, from it you drink and from it grows the vegetation on which you send your cattle to pasture. With it He causes to grow for you crops, the olives, date palms, grapes and every kind of fruit. Verily! In this is indeed a Sign (of the Divine existence and providence) for people who give thought” (an-nahl :10-11)

"And Allah sends down rain from the skies, and gives therewith life to the earth after its death; verily in this is a Sign for those who listen."

Do we belong to those who give thought? And those who listen? Hmm..

Ya Allah, please don’t let our hearts become so black and corrupted that the most obvious of Allah's Mercy on us goes unnoticed.

How sad a heart that must be.

And.. do you know that when its raining.. its one of the special times that our do’a are most likely to be answered. What are we waiting for? Lets pray!

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Two are the du’as that are never rejected: the du’a made when the prayer is being called, and at the time of rainfall.” (Abu Dawud).

Supplication for rain:

During rainfall:

O Allaah, send upon us helpful, wholesome and healthy rain, beneficial not harmful rain, now, not later.

After rainfall:

It has rained by the bounty of Allah and His mercy

Open your window, focus on your senses. Watch the raindrops as they create puddles, listen to the different tones. Take a deeeep breath, feel the freshness of the air that only a fresh rainfall can give. oh I cant wait to smell the fresh air after this... and a beautiful rainbow! hopefully.

Don’t go to sleep! You might get your head bumped! huhu.

Allah's creation. how beautiful. masyaAllah

yang mengejar happy ending full barakah,


y's said...

i luv rain too!!
nice words la 'angahbaek'..

Angahbaek said...

huhu.. yasmin..share la why u love rain?
org len.. may, nola, mira.. kamon2..

along rufaidah said...

kak hannan..nice post~
luv it

we were sleeping at Bizz during the rain....heaven betul..hehe

btw, ada satu grup nasyid kt UK ni..Shaam...ada satu lg die along suke "Mercy Like The Rain"

sgt3 best..along takde mp3 die..just video clip nasyid je..nnt next time boleh amek

Angahbaek said...

dah agak dah.. mesti korang tido dekat Bizz. coz xangkat tepon! dush~

"Mercy Like the Rain" by Shaam

Mercy like the rain is falling down
Mercy like the rain is falling down
Can you feel the rain is falling down, falling down?

Mercy like the angels in the rain
Mercy like the sun, the moon, the stars
Blossoming flowers, bearing fruits
Showing us the greatness of Allah

Mercy like the faith that shines within us
Mercy like the prayers that Allah answers
How it gives purpose to our lives
Helping us strive for paradise

Mercy like the smile for one another
Mercy like the kindness for each other
O how it takes sadness from our hearts
Spreading God's love throughout the world

Mercy like the Messenger of Allah
Mercy like the Qur'an from Allah
Truthful, generous, wise and kind
Bringing Allah's words to mankind

thanx Along. :)

sya-shan said...

skarang saye suke ujan. sbb saye da ade payung. saye suke jalan dalam ujan. bersama2 dgn payung saye! hik hihi

.:cik lebah:. said...

huhu~~..byk kali aku bace post nih~~ sebab die sgt sweet and cantek...aiseh2..terima kasih angahbaek for sharing~~