Sunday, May 3, 2009

learn from the ants, you lazybones!


Im getting bored of reading the equations (prob& stat) again and again, so I decided to waste my time writing this. huhu

I could feel the cold breeze washing over my face, entering from the half opened window as it had rained just now. What a wonderful feeling! ^_^

Then suddenly my eyes darted from the window to a smooth traffic of cute little ants crawling across the chaotic desk of mine, passing through the monitor which has been idle for quite some time. I knew that I should be studying Probability and Statistic or Chemical Reaction Engineering, or maybe Separation Process. Arg. I really really had no time to play around coz I got 4 killing papers in 4 straight consecutive days! T.T
but then, I ended up studying the ants’ highway. Phewh~

Ok, Let me share with you what i saw from that ten minutes observation. The most amazing thing about these teeny-tiny little ants is that they never got stuck in traffic jam! Its kinda funny but try to look at them, you will see, they don’t overtake each other. I think people should take traffic control lessons from these little creatures. Seriously.

No wonder.. they’re ants. They won’t get hurt if they bumped into each other ! :P

picture: Flick in Disney's A Bug's Life

But these little ants, the worker ants, barely bigger than our eye crust, have the ability to follow a trail, move in a line, wander around and search for food, carry heavy load over their tiny head, and work together to create entire underground civilizations! That tiny little ant… with a tiny little head… and a tiny little brain, no more than just a few brain cells connected together, can actually think about their other millions of brothers and sisters at home who needed food, they sacrifice themselves to go to the outside world which is full of obstacles and dangers, where their tiny body can easily be smashed anytime. But they never fail to perform their duty assigned to them!

They are remarkably hard working creatures aren’t they? They work sooo hard to drag a piece of food. And they never give up too! Ants never quit! Try to stop them, they’ll surely find another way. They even worked themselves to death!

How possibly these tiny creatures with tiny brains managed to ensure the survival of the colony?

This is absolutely the proof that they are acting on the inspiration of a certain "supervisor". It is true! these ants can establish such a great and perfect order, and all their works are made possible by an inspiration Allah has given them. And they abide by it, completely. Subhanallah..

What about us? Whose brains are a billion times bigger than that of ants’? Have we performed our duty Allah has assigned to us? What a question to ponder upon huh?

picture: Antz

Those cute ants really made me think.. about sacrifice, to be more hard working, to be more organized, helping and sharing with others, brave, and of course, they tell me that I really need some cleaning here! Yikes!

Learn from the ants - Never give up, look ahead, stay positive and do all you can..



sya-shan said...

Contoh yg baek!~ phewh~ thanx angah~

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