Saturday, February 20, 2010

apple o apple

as per requested,
i'll update bout da story of
red riding hood n wolf.
erk.correction, correction.

it's a story of gurls and apples.

credit to miss syahira shan who found this.
digest it n enjoy =))

bcuz of the sweet story,
kami da form new comrade,
named crunchy red apple.
consist of may,syamel,thasya,syahira n yasmin..

in progress to be the apple located at the top of the tree..
gambatte~ :)

memetik words from ustaz hasrizal,
lebih banyak menjadi dari mencari..
(",) wallahua'lam..



Anonymous said...

crunchy red apple ;)
thnx for the sharing~

yeah.. sabar.sabar.sabar

Anonymous said...

wow! amazing sharing. love it!

along rufaidah said...

oh..korg dh jd geng crunchy red apple pulak ke? CRA? hehe..

sya-shan said...

love it min!
thanks for sharing. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Great motivation! thanks~ =D