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Ramadhan is only 10 days left! Hey hey. Wake up! 10days? Im trying to imagine now. What if someone tells us there will be a HARI RAYA MEGA SALE tomorrow in Ipoh?! Clarks, Gucci, Gap, FYI, Body Shop bla bla bla is giving away 70% DISCOUNT! Wow~ I tell you, i will definitely, unquestionably skip all classes tomorrow!

Oh my, I am so willing to sacrifice my time and energy just to get extra clothes or perfumes with all money that I have now even though its nearly the end of month and I know I only have few left in the savings. But why not? Smart purchase right? Get more pay less. Super duper value. Whatever you wanna call it.

But why? why am I so keen, so excited, so eager to sacrifice my time, my energy, my only money left, to get those so-called super duper value stuffs? Why am I not as eager to get extra rewards during the MEGA SALE of the year? Yes. This Ramadhan, the month of rewards, the month of sale that Allah has given to muslims. Special to us. special to me :(

there is one hadith about the special rewards in Ramadhan, it says..

"Anyone who seeks nearness to Allah in this month through any virtuous act will be like one who carried out a religious obligation at another time, and anyone who performs an obligatory act of worship in this month will be like one who performed seventy such acts at another time. It is the month of patience, and the reward for patience is Paradise." (Sahih Ibn Khuzaymah)

wow, isn’t that amazing?

When we do one act of obligatory worship, we will not only receive double reward. Or triple. Or quadruple. We’ll get 70-ple!!

And imagine, if we smile to our friend, just one quick smile, the reward is equivalent to as if we’ve perform zohor prayer! Or perform hajj perhaps? Waaaa… isn’t that great?

That’s just only one quick smile. What about other good deeds? Saying good things, helping others, reciting qur’an, donating to the needy, sharing food with our friends, or any acts which is done for the sake of Allah, we eat, we drink, we read, we write, all of our daily routine, will be counted as ibadah! and these acts, insya-Allah will be rewarded same as obligatory worships in ordinary months! Whoaa, Im getting extra excited. Sorry ^^ (im applying engineering economics here. The concept of opportunity costs )

Subhanallah... Its already the 20th day of ramadhan. I wonder if this will be my last ramadhan? Do you think that ust Asri Rabbani knew that last year’s was his last ramadhan? (May Allah bless his soul..amin) ..oh, this is totally making me sad. what have i done for the past 20days? i even skipped tarawikh prayers! am i neglecting all of the offers that Allah has given? will i ever meet ramadhan again? T.T

Don’t worry, it is still not too late. There is something more!! Allah has promised that there is one night of power. This super special night is given by Allah only to selected people who are patient enough to look for that special night.

In surah al-qadr, Allah has promised,

"Truly We sent it down on the Night of Power. And what will convey to you what the Night of Power is? The Night of Power is better than a thousand months. In it the angels and the Spirit descend by their Lord's authority with every ordinance. It is Peace – until the coming of the dawn."

I think I should apply maths here

1 night = 1000 months

1 month = 30 nights

1000months = 30 000 nights?

30 000 nights = 83.3 years???

Do you think you will live that long? For me, I don’t think so. And I definitely don’t think that I’ll wake up every night and do qiam for 83.3 years T.T

I cannot even imagine what will the rewards be. Where else can we find 1=1000? Its not even equal, its greater than, remember? Is there any store where we can buy 1, free 1000? Seriously, Im sweating.

It does not matter anyway. I shouldn’t be thinking about how many rewards I’ll get. only Allah will decide the rewards for us if we struggle for the sake of Him, right?

Im just showing in numerical way so that it will open my eyes that Allah has promised me such BIG reward, yet I just ignored it. why am i still being a super-fat-lazybone?? Wasting time in ramadhan every day and night, chit-chatting for hourssss. What kind of servant am I?! T.T

He has given such opportunity to ask for His forgiveness, for all the sins that I have committed for the past TWENTY YEARS! in just 1 night, He promised, all previous sins will be forgiven.

as what our beloved prophet said,

"The one who remained standing in worship in the state of belief and for the sake of rewards from Allah during Lailat-ul-qadr, would have all his previous sins forgiven."(Sahih Bukhari and Muslim)

Astaghfirullah… come on geng, Do you dare to miss this opportunity too? Allah Al Ghafur, the Most Forgiving, The Great Forgiver, is giving away pardons. Its not too late. This one night, full of virtue, lets strive for that special night! If you’re still being lazy, just remember, this Ramadhan 1430, is never ever coming back to us. Its moving away.. and later, its gone. :’(

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Hurry up or we’ll miss another reward!

islam is beautiful ^^


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Angahbaek said...

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may allah bless us..amin

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*Wasting time in ramadhan every day and night, chit-chatting for hourssss. What kind of servant am I?! T.T *

insap gue ;(

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@samel: tahu p0n.. T.T aku p0n

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may Allah bless us all :)

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