Sunday, July 12, 2009


hello2..anybody home?
salam guys~

geng2 biskut meri bz dgn workloads masing2..
cuti da nk habis kn?
results pn da kuar..
kongratulasi for those achieve flying colours
and satisfying results..clap3~~
mine results?
alhamdulillah..altho not deans and sgt jtuh d timpa langit,
but looking forward to perform better..he
end of discussion!

motif conteng2 dz tyme
nk crt my training period..
at 1st,culture shock la jgk
wpun intern kt melake jek..(not german ot italy =p)

having new knowledge,
mingling wif new ppl around,
handling new stuffs,
and xbajet pn,
buat bnd2 yg xpenah blaja dlm klas! =_=
but then,
its a great oppurtunity la
to work there..hee ^_^v

the plants (loji tapis minyak,not tumbuh2an ok)
are quite awesome,
got psr 1 and psr 2,
(psr=petronas second refinery)
tp dpt visit time ad kelapangan jek..

my job byk dkt office+lab..
rs mcm nk jd chemist pn ade..
(but then cannot sbb not taking pure chem)
men bancuh2 minyak,
test tu,test ni..
the surrounding totally different la dgn lab kt utp
yg suci bersih dan sunyi tuh!haha =p

utk geng2 yg xintern lg,
choose ur intern place baek2,
go for sumthing u like,
nnt u'll regret..
intern 8 months k,not 8 days..
till then guys,
to be continue..

trainee_pp(m)sb ^_^

1 comment:

Angahbaek said...

oit2 cik trainee melake..
bestnya keje dlm lab. i loikee!!
saya nak pi bintulu.
hehe.. doakan ^^